As instituições e a via da dependência histórica

Translated title of the contribution: Institutions and historical dependence

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The strengthening of the State should begin by each of the public entities that compose it, by understanding the various formal and informal institutions existing in each of them, as well as mechanisms for enforcement of existing rules. Only by understanding each institution within its cultural context, is possible to target accurately the development and effectiveness of State actions.This study will examine the role of institutions in the progress or the stagnation of society, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the historical limitations that exist in every society and every institution in order to improve the effectiveness of public policies and state actions.For this, the first chapter will examine the concept of institution, the second will be a short resume of the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Latin American case, in order to show how changes in formal laws are not enough to create institutions capable of promote well-being into the society and in the third chapter, we will try to establish basic and general parameters that public institutions should follow in order to achieve greater effectiveness within the society in which it develops. In our concept, it is important to start working on the construction of different mechanisms that promote a re-education into the society, especially within public entities, for which it is very important that universities and educational centers help through programs of short, medium and long term, and help in monitoring and evaluation of specific institutions.
Translated title of the contributionInstitutions and historical dependence
Original languagePortuguese
Number of pages29
Specialist publicationRevista Brasileira de Politicas Publicas
PublisherCentro Universitario de Brasilia
StatePublished - Jan 2011
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