An interactive database of Leishmania species distribution in the Americas

Giovanny Herrera, Natalia Barragán, Nicolás Luna, David Martínez, Frasella De Martino, Julián Medina, Sergio Niño, Luisa Páez, Angie Ramírez, Laura Vega, Valeria Velandia, Michelle Vera, María Fernanda Zúñiga, Marius Jean Bottin, Juan David Ramírez

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The Americas have an elevated number of leishmaniasis cases (accounting for two-thirds of the worldwide disease burden) and circulating Leishmania species, and are therefore of interest in terms of epidemiological surveillance. Here, we present a systematic review of Leishmania parasite species circulating in the countries of the American continent, together with complementary information on epidemiology and geospatial distribution. A database was built from data published between 1980 and 2018 on Leishmania species identified in most of the American countries. A total of 1499 georeferenced points were extracted from published articles and subsequently located to 14 countries in the Americas. This database could be used as a reference when surveilling the occurrence of Leishmania species in the continent.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number110
JournalScientific data
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 1 2020

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    Herrera, G., Barragán, N., Luna, N., Martínez, D., De Martino, F., Medina, J., Niño, S., Páez, L., Ramírez, A., Vega, L., Velandia, V., Vera, M., Zúñiga, M. F., Bottin, M. J., & Ramírez, J. D. (2020). An interactive database of Leishmania species distribution in the Americas. Scientific data, 7(1), [110].