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Youth gangs are not a new phenomenon in our societies, nor are they an issue recently addressed by social scientists. However, in the Colombian case it is possible to assert that the academic literature on gangs is still scarce and relatively recent. Although some academics, civil society organisations (Fundación Paz y Reconciliación, 2016) and state institutions (Ministry of Justice, 2017) have made efforts to characterise these groups, a large part of the country's intermediate cities are still not covered and the presence of women in these groups, whether mixed or exclusively female, has not been thoroughly analysed. mixed or exclusively female.
In this sense, the project is particularly interested in Bucaramanga, since, despite the studies carried out on gangs in Colombia, there are practically no approaches to the phenomenon in this area of the country, where the empirical evidence reveals not only the increase of these groups and their conflictive behaviour with similar groups, but also a leading role for women in these associations. of women in these associations. Thus, by means of a qualitative methodology centred on ethnographic work and the collection of voices from actors related to the phenomenon, we seek to understand in depth the dynamics of gangs in the city, also adopting a gender approach to account for the role of women in this type of groups typically associated with a masculine ethos.
The participation of the young researcher would be aimed at transcribing, systematising and analysing - manually and through Prospero - the interviews that are carried out; participating in the elaboration of the dictionary that will guide the analysis of the software and contributing to the design of the final products.

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Young researcher funded by the Faculty
Effective start/end date4/1/2111/30/21

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