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Women are under-represented in elected office in Colombia. This This project aims to contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon by investigating the factors that explain the factors that explain the greater or lesser inclusion of women in Colombian municipal councils. Colombian municipal councils. We want to explore the relationship between women's inclusion at the sub-national level and some of the factors that explain the women at the sub-national level and some characteristics of the electoral system, levels of conflict in the municipality, and so in particular conflict in the municipality, as well as particularities of the internal structures of political parties. political parties.
To this end, we propose a project that relies on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. quantitative and qualitative analysis. We will analyse the patterns of gender composition of municipal councils in municipal councils in Colombia for the period 2016-2024. Part of the database that will make this analysis possible already exists (for the period 2020-2024), and the other part (2016- 2020) will be constructed during the life of this project. The quantitative analysis will The quantitative analysis will allow us to identify the influence of some characteristics of the electoral system, the presence of armed actors and the competitiveness of the district on the representation of women in municipal councils. of women in Colombia's municipal councils.
The quantitative analysis will be complemented with a case study of the experience of women candidates for the women candidates for the Bogota City Council. Through this qualitative component we seek to understand the influence of organisational factors within the political parties (such as institutional parties (such as institutional culture, ideology, and the existence of support programmes for women candidates) on the support programmes for women candidates) on the electoral performance of women council candidates in Bogotá. Bogotá.

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Young researcher funded by the Faculty
Effective start/end date4/1/216/5/22

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