Women and gender in the study of International Relations

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In Colombia, the study of International Relations through a feminist and/or gender perspective is in its initial phase. This project is an opportunity to transversalize and strengthen research with a gender perspective, mainly in the areas of Political Science and International Relations.
The application is divided into two main lines: (i) First, it is proposed that a study be carried out to highlight existing differences or similarities in attitudes and perceptions of gender equality, focusing mainly on exploring correlations between attitudes on gender equality and socio-economic conditions differentiated by sex. Although this study would be carried out in Colombia, it constitutes one aspect of a macro project formulated by the WomanStats project, which is currently being developed in different regions of the world. The undersigned leads the project for Latin America, specifically Colombia. (ii) The second line responds to a general research initiative on women and Global Governance. For this specific case, the aim is to carry out a study focused on the role of women in the Armed Forces in Colombia: attitudes and perceptions with a gender perspective and relevance in the context of Global Governance. This line is developed in alliance with CREES - Regional Center for Strategic Studies on Security of the Escuela Superior de Guerra, Bogotá.
In general, it is expected that the funds requested will facilitate the hiring of two research assistants to support the conduct of a perception survey. Also, the realization of an international trip in order to socialize the progress of the project with the international research group.


Feminist theory; gender approach; International Relations; perception study
Effective start/end date1/14/1911/30/21

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