Walking the Memory: Harmonization and Balance for Peace from an Intercultural Perspective

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Our proposal is based on the construction of spaces for dialogue through the organization of workshops of the Intercultural School of Indigenous Diplomacy (EIDI)1 in the territories of six Indigenous Peoples of Colombia (Muisca, Nukak Makúu, Wayúu, Emberá, Camentsa and Nasa), through an intercultural academic dialogue that allows for the visibility, problematization and exchange of knowledge on the conceptions and practices of justice.


Phase I: Information gathering phase
Field conversations with indigenous authorities; and Women.
Phase II: Explanatory phase: Discussion of the theories and concepts necessary to structure a model of analysis appropriate to the fields addressed; characterization of notions and practices of self justice; examination of the trajectories of the actors, their social properties and their discourses on justice and equilibrium. Socialization in the field.
Phase III: Analytical phase: Elaboration of a framework of general analysis relative to the practices of construction of local memory.
Phase IV: Opening phase: definition of the means by which the results will be socialized; publication and presentation of final results.

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Effective start/end date1/1/1412/1/14

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