Validation of a monitoring and supervision system for refrigeration equipment under the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm.

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The records of variables such as temperature, humidity and others, in spaces or work areas of institutions providing health services are carried manually, generating loss of information and errors in their records, losing their traceability and security for the processes of qualification and audits which require historical records. The GIBIOME research group has developed a temperature and current monitoring and supervision system for refrigeration equipment in research laboratories and clinical areas. The current system has been tested in a refrigerator at the Universidad del Rosario, and is at a TRL 5 technological maturity level. The objective of this project is to raise its technological maturity level by validating the system in a relevant environment. To this end, the technology will be installed in a clinical area of a health care institution, where surveys will be carried out with the service personnel in order to improve the current technology. At the end, it is expected to have validated the technology in a relevant environment. In this validation it is expected to have recommendations and opportunities for improvement by the actors involved in the clinical area. With these recommendations it will be possible to improve the current system and to document both the hardware and the software of the technology. In addition, it is desired to be able to have a life cycle of the system and to advance in the economic evaluation of the technology.


Cold chain, Internet of Things, Traceability
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date5/1/214/30/22

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