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UR EQUIDAD builds a scientific ecosystem in research, training and national dialogue around inclusive development in Colombia and Latin America,
with two general objectives:
To lead the national agenda around social progress with equity in Colombia
To interconnect capacities (between UR units and with allies), favoring interdisciplinary experiences that enhance research, teaching and extension of the University.

Layman's description

This is a complex problem that relates to all dimensions of human development: social, economic and environmental.
- The richest 1% of the world's population owns more wealth than the remaining 99% (Oxfam,2016).
- The wage gap between men and women in Colombia is 30% (DANE).
- In Bogota, the poorest localities have polluted air above the suggested 300%, while those with higher incomes breathe air with low levels of
- In Colombia, the 1% of the largest farms occupy 81% of the land, while the remaining 99% occupy only 19% (Oxfam,2017)
- The global agenda around the SDGs aims to reduce inequalities in the world.
Short titleUR EQUIDAD
Effective start/end date2/1/2112/13/24


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