The social construction of typifications for peace: victims, reintegratees and peacebuilders

Project: Research/Creation Project

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This project hopes to identify basic elements of the configuration of the social typifications of the actors of the conflict and of the figures that have to be protagonists in the post-conflict process. It is part of an analysis exercise on images (photographs), which tells us how a group of people establishes the identity traits of the victims, the reintegrated, the "neutral" actors and the "peace builders". It is hoped that this exercise will lead to a comparison of these social spectra with the available literature on the subject.
Simultaneously, it is expected that the exercise will serve as an instrument of sensitization of the community of application of the exercise, in relation to social identities and the importance of the configuration of new identities to access positive peace processes.
Effective start/end date1/15/1712/15/18


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