The security forces in post-insurgency and crime scenes

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The struggle against insurgent actors in Colombia has conditioned the doctrine, structure and functioning of the Armed Forces - Military Force and Police. A predominant element of the State's security agenda throughout history has been the fight against threats in armed conflict under counter-insurgency logic (García 2014, p. 1). This strategic vision may be about to change with the onset of the so-called post-conflict. The end of a large part of the insurgent organizations in Colombia could lead to a shift in the traditional role of the security forces, as has been understood so far. It is essential that the State discuss strategic approaches to ensure the sustainability and stability of peace in the long term, by signing agreements with violent actors. This reflection is relevant because of the threats that may exist in an eventual post-conflict scenario. Demobilisation may not convince all combatants and some may feel motivated to continue the struggle, either under the banner of the FARC or by creating new armed groups. It is also highly likely that some combatants are unwilling to abandon illegality because of their economic interests. These may be maintained in criminality, either by joining existing organizations or by creating new ones.
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