The Role of Country Image in Country Brand Strategies in Latin America

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The concept of country image and country brand is a dyad in the process of building an international reputation for countries, however, in the policies defined by governments the country image as the country brand are considered synonymous and in turn relate to strategies for promoting a country in international markets. It is frequent to observe that the concept of brand and country image are treated as synonyms (Zeugner-Roth & Žabkar, 2015). For this reason the research project aims to understand how the role of the country image in the country brand strategies in Latin America. The results of the research project will provide and support theoretical content on the concept of brand and country image in Latin America. Additionally, the research project has the purpose of determining the country image index in Latin America, an indicator that does not exist in the frame of reference of metrics associated to country image and brand.
Short titleCountry Image in Latin America
Effective start/end date7/9/187/9/20

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