The Public Force in the Post-Emergency and Crime Scene

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The research aims to contribute to filling the gap in this discussion through objective methods, dissociating itself from the interests of particular state agencies. It refers to an eventual post-conflict scenario in Colombia, in which the security forces must develop tasks for the consolidation of order.
institutional in the regions, preventing the consolidation and re-emergence of violent actors, and ensuring the fight against the armed actors currently operating. The security forces must be an institution that not only guarantees social security and prevents the resurgence of internal conflict, but also actively participates in a plan for the reconstruction and reconciliation of the country (Loh
2010, p. 6).
The investigation will then answer the following question: How should the security forces deal with non-state armed actors in an eventual scenario of armed conflict?
post-conflict situation in Colombia?
There is a need to approach this issue from society, especially from academia, in order to launch proposals that are not directly linked to the particular interests of state institutions or national political games. While the institutions themselves are already reflecting on their reorganization, a proactive participation of academia in this debate will be useful for decision-making.
The main objective of the research is therefore to propose specific proposals on the functions of the security forces to confront non-state armed actors in an eventual post-conflict scenario in Colombia.
Effective start/end date3/1/1512/15/18


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