Study of factors associated with the virulence of clinical isolates of the emerging multiresistant yeast Candida auris recovered in Colombia: in search of predictors of clinical evolution and markers of resistance.

  • Escandón, Patricia (PI)
  • Weisner, Magdalena (CoI)
  • Duarte, Carolina (CoI)
  • Gomez Giraldo, Beatriz Lucia (CoI)
  • Morales, Soraya Eugenia (CoI)
  • Rodríguez, José Yesid (CoI)
  • Barón, Carmen (CoI)
  • Chiller, Thomas (CoI)
  • Lockhart, Shawn (CoI)
  • Litvintseva, Anastasia (CoI)
  • Contreras, Diego (CoI)
  • Alvarado, Maira (Student)

Project: Research project

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