Response to oxidative stress in hypoxic newborns

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    The relationship of conscious SGH/SGGS as a marker of oxidative stress response in newborn infants with unsatisfactory fetal status diagnosis (EFNS) as a risk factor for perinatal asphyxia was analyzed.
    Effective start/end date3/16/165/8/16


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    • Encuentro de Semilleros de Investigación Universidad del Rosario 2017

      Lilia Del Riesgo Prendes (Speaker), María Eugenia Ruiz Botero (Speaker), William Andrés Rojas Carabalí (Speaker), Juan Pablo Avila (Speaker), Pablo Andrés Bermúdez Hernández (Speaker), Daniel Andrés Forero (Speaker), María José Gutiérrez (Speaker), Juan Pablo Lizaraso (Speaker), Geraldine Arredondo (Speaker), Angie Paola Fernández (Speaker), María Currea (Speaker), Nicolás Torres (Speaker), Angela Sofía Ayala (Speaker) & Natalia Milagros Catalán (Speaker)

      Nov 29 2017

      Activity: Talk typesOral presentation