Promoting cultural safety and intercultural dialogue in medical practice and health care delivery.

  • Sarmiento, Iván (PI)
  • Zuluaga Ramírez, Germán (PI)

Project: Research/Creation Project

Project Details


This project initially seeks to respond to the knowledge gap on the assessment of cultural safety by following a procedure that incorporates local visions of indigenous groups. There is no standard way to implement cultural safety, especially because it is contextual with specific details for each group or community. This makes it difficult to evaluate its progress and, consequently, its impact on other dimensions such as human health.
The project will document the way in which the concept of interculturality in health has been implemented to account for the concrete achievements in terms of the encounter between western and indigenous knowledge in health actions. The methodological developments and lessons learned from the work on cultural security will help define this second stage of the work.

Layman's description

Develop a cultural safety and interculturality assessment strategy through a participatory approach that incorporates the views of indigenous groups in the weighting of evidence obtained through a scoping review.
Effective start/end date1/22/2212/31/23

Main Funding Source

  • International


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