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Dystonia is a group of movement disorders defined as a loss of motor control confined to a specific motor skill.
as the loss of motor control confined to a specific motor skill. They are
described as intermittent muscle contractions that cause repetitive movements or specific postures.
repetitive movements or specific postures. Within the focal dystonias, there is a specific golfing disorder called specific disorder in golf called "yips", described as a transient tremor, twitching, twitching, spasms and described as a transient tremor, contraction, spasm, freezing or twitching of a specific group of muscles.
of muscles.
This movement disorder has a prevalence of 20 to 48% in professional players, however professional players, however, it is a relatively common and underdiagnosed disorder among underdiagnosed among amateur and professional golf players. In Colombia there are more than 15,000 players who issue their handicap and more than 24,000 who play the sport.
but so far no assessment has been made of the prevalence of yipsis.
related to the prevalence of yips and associated factors in golf players at a national level.

Therefore, we propose to conduct a survey in collaboration with the Colombian golf federation Colombian golf federation, elaborated with the objective of determining the prevalence of yips in golf of yips in golf players in Colombia and in addition, the factors that are associated with this associated with it.


golf, dystonic disorders, focal, task-specific, adults
Effective start/end date11/1/227/11/23

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