Peasant's Crossroads: moors or Peasant's Reserve Zone. Analysis of the tensions and articulations of land use conflicts in Sumapaz

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Colombia has been characterized by a problem of social justice and access to land, where the main victims have been the peasant communities. In this context, the Cruz Verde - Sumapaz Paramos complex has not escaped this dynamic. In addition to this, the delimitation of the páramo is a consequence of conservationist measures proposed by the State under public policies that are in tension with the rights and realities of the peasants, such as access to land, property, work, agricultural vocation and the preservation of paramount culture and ways of life.
With respect to the above, the inhabitants of San Juan de Sumapaz have organized themselves around the self-management of land management, seeking the consolidation of the Peasant Reserve Zone as a mechanism in the search for guarantees, to stop the expansion of the agricultural frontier and to establish local sustainable development plans for agricultural purposes. This research project is situated in this context and seeks to make it evident by answering the question from a legal, sociological and anthropological perspective. This is important in order to recognize the relationship between legal regulations, their application in the territory and the effects they have on the population. As well as the ways in which the communities act in the face of this


1. Complementary research training for undergraduate students
2. Participation in scientific events and student conferences presenting research results
3. Dissemination of knowledge and problems of the Sumapaz in the town of San Juan through an academic event
4. Preparation of a primer on property rights and land use in the Sumapaz region
5. Training courses, seminars or workshops focused on strengthening the legal knowledge of leaders of the organizational processes of the Sumapaz
6. Articulation with associations, unions, groups and other groups with an impact on the territory
7. Article to be published in an indexed magazine (B or C Colciencias)
8. Audiovisual piece of a maximum of 10 minutes for dissemination and awareness of territorial conflicts in the territory

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