Multi-scale modeling of the onset and spread of Alzheimer's disease in the brain

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Introduce in one or several publications the model to be developed, its respective simulations and its performance in relation to the available data.

Layman's description

To carry out the research, computational tools capable of high performance computing and processing of large numbers of data are needed. Furthermore, membership in scientific computing and computer algebra software is required, as well as access to "cloud computing" and scientific literature in the form of books and/or articles. In case of publication in an "open access" journal, the publication costs must be financed. Also, it would be necessary to have a tablet or a laptop computer to do remote work. Finally, if allowed, funds could be used to invite international specialists in the field interested in getting involved in the project or to hire part-time research assistants who want to be part of the project.


1 publicación en revista Q1
Effective start/end date2/1/212/8/23

Main Funding Source

  • Competitive Funds


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