Mathematical modeling of environmental factors in supply chain design applied to inventory routing problem

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The main objective of this project is to evaluate the environmental impact on the configuration of a supply chain as seen from a logistics problem known as the Inventory Routing Problem (IRP). The main focus of the project aims to determine the environmental impact to the IRP from two points of view: the first one is to establish which environmental factors can be included in the mathematical modeling of the IRP and how these can be modeled, the second approach consists in the development of solution methods (heuristics and metaheuristics) for the different problems posed that contemplate simple objectives (single-objective) and compound objectives (multi-objective). The final orientation of the research work aims to measure the impact of the indicators of the logistics chain configuration with respect to configuration of product delivery routes, delivery quantities and inventory management, total costs of joint policies, environmental impacts generated with the different measurement indicators.

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Supply chain management – operational research

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Como parte de investigaciones futuras y a partir de los resultados de la primera fase de este proyecto se encuentran las siguientes:
• Estudio y aplicación de una cadena de suministro del ámbito local
• Estudios de impactos ambientales en cadenas de suministro
• Estudio de problemas de ruteo de vehículos con tecnologías eléctricas
• Desarrollo de un algoritmo computacional que permita solucionar los problemas en tiempos computacionales apropiados
Effective start/end date12/1/1612/1/18

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