Leadership, contextual factors and performance: an approach from organizational behavior

Project: Research/Creation Project

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The objective of this project is to identify and empirically validate the effect of contextual and leadership factors that promote in workers states of well-being, commitment and growth, and through this, an individual and organizational performance that contributes to the demanding requirements of the environment. From the literature review, conceptual models will be developed and empirically tested. Special emphasis will be given to the study of organizational behavior from a positive perspective that clearly marks the developments of the area in this century, as it adjusts to the current conception of work and what is expected of it. Likewise, the advances in this area offer the possibility of practical application of the results for the management of organizations.

Commitments / Obligations

Dos (2) artículos científicos, un (1) capítulo de libro, una (1) tesis de maestría y se incluirán al menos dos (2) estudiantes de pregrado para que desarrollen sus
trabajos finales de grado en el marco de este proyecto y se propondrá alguna actividad conjunta con otros colegas a fin de socializar resultados de las investigaciones.
Effective start/end date1/20/211/20/23

Main Funding Source

  • Competitive Funds


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