Interface between Ophthalmology and Psychiatry: a look at the physio-pathology, manifestation, complications, and side effects

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In daily clinical practice, ophthalmologists and psychiatrists should be able to recognize the association between ophthalmological pathologies and their manifestations related to psychiatric disorders, as well as understand the ophthalmological side effects of the drugs most commonly used in psychiatry in order to timely refer to the specialist and lead to out an integral approach.

Ophthalmological manifestations of psychiatric disorders: including monocular and binocular functional visual loss, loss of visual field, motility disorders and eye alignment, psychogenic pseudo ptosis, autoenucleation, visual hallucinations and flashbacks.

Psychiatric manifestations of ophthalmological diseases: description of psychosomatic diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, uveitis, optic neuritis, strabismus, dry eye and macular degeneration related to age; psychiatric manifestation secondary to eye surgery such as psychosis of the black patch; psychological reactions to blindness, such as phantom eye syndrome and Charles Bonnet syndrome

Frequency of ocular side effects secondary to psychiatric medications and route of administration of psychiatric drugs.

This study highlights the convergence or interface between ophthalmology and psychiatry, which may be related to manifestations, complications and / or secondary adverse effects produced by psychiatric medications

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