Institutions, Competitiveness and Internationalization in Emerging Economies

  • Buitrago Rubiano, Ricardo Ernesto (PI)
  • Cosenz, Federico (CoI)
  • Alcaraz Vargas, Jorge (CoI)
  • Barbosa Camargo, María Inés (CoI)

Project: Research/Creation Project

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This research proposal aims to enhance the understanding of the contemporary role of institutional environments and entrepreneurial ecosystems in the process of competitiveness and internationalization. Issues of politics, policies and institutions are often especially jutting, both in home and host countries, when we consider EMNEs. The focus on outward FDI from emerging economies and emerging market multinational enterprises (EMNEs) is a key issue in this project. This research aspires to shed more light on the multi-level interrelationships between institutions and EMNEs’ internationalization.


Institutions, emerging economies, EMNEs, competitiveness, entrepreneurial ecosystem

Commitments / Obligations

2 Scopus/WOS papers
2 Conference proceedings
1 Dataset
Effective start/end date12/1/2011/1/22


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