Innovaciones para el Trabajo en Grupo e Interdisciplinar

  • Rodriguez Duenas, William Ricardo (PI)
  • Rios Rincon, Adriana Maria (CoI)

Project: Research/Creation Project

Project Details


This project seeks to select, adapt, implement and evaluate active and collaborative learning techniques that foster meaningful learning environments in an interdisciplinary EMCS course. The project is articulated with themes 1 and 3 of the call, is planned in phases and has a duration of two years. The results obtained will be disseminated in the university community and depending on them, these techniques could be applied in other interdisciplinary subjects of the EMCS or in other faculties or schools of the Universidad del Rosario to increase their impact.


Collaborative learning can be related to the perception of students that they belong to a community of practice and their satisfaction with their learning process.
Effective start/end date8/2/168/1/18


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