Indicators of clinical phonoaudiological performance in the early hospital management of vascular accidents

  • Hernandez Jaramillo, Blanca Yaneth (PI)

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The known opportunities for early interventions in cardiocerebrovascular accidents (CVA) from the medical and rehabilitation point of view make it necessary to advance in the formulation of clinical performance indicators in the in-hospital physiotherapeutic management of a person with CVA. Objective: to identify clinical physiotherapeutic performance indicators in the early hospital management of stroke survivors. Materials and methods: this is an exploratory descriptive study that inquires about existing evidence and physiotherapeutic practices, scientific evidence on clinical indicators in stroke, standard indicators and possible clinical indicators in the setting. A systematic review of descriptive studies, clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews, evidence-based clinical case studies in databases such as Pubmed, Proquest, Pedro and in electronic journals was carried out, in addition to the analysis of epidemiological data on the prevalence of stroke in Colombia and Chile, in web pages of the World Health Organization, Ministry of Health and National Administrative Department of each country. Results: the evidence indicates that early stroke rehabilitation should begin during hospitalization, as soon as the diagnosis is established and the patient's life-threatening problems are under control. The priorities in physiotherapeutic intervention in stroke are to prevent complications (venous thrombosis, infections and pain) and to facilitate early mobilization. Recent updates to these guidelines include early rehabilitation, particularly mobility after 24 hours post stroke.
Effective start/end date9/1/163/31/17

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  • Bogotá D.C.


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