In the land of dreams: Colombia's foreign policy as seen from Europe, 1903-1953

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Although there are a few historical accounts of Colombian foreign policy since the wars of independence, there is no analysis of the country's relations with Europe in the eyes of diplomatic missions and their officials in Colombia, that is, a study of European countries' views and interests on Colombia and their reactions to the Colombian government.
The purpose of the studies is to partially correct this gap by reviewing the diplomatic events that took place between 1903 and 1953 through the review of European archives containing the first-hand ideas and opinions of European governments on Colombia. This research seeks to specifically analyze three European countries: Great Britain, France and Spain that were a forum of ideas and advances for the formation of a state under construction like Colombia. To explore these relations, this research will take into account the political situation during and between two world wars, the apprehension aroused by Germany's diplomatic and economic advances in Colombia and the reactions to the growing role of the United States in the hemisphere.

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History foreign policy, international relations, Colombia, Great Britain, France, Spain, First World War, Fascism, Second World War
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