Impact of mammoglobin expression levels on transcriptional microRNA deregulation and its clinical application in breast cancer

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Cancer originates in cell dysfunction, by the accumulation of mutations, which change the profile of gene expression, and direct the transformation of the cell towards a proliferative option. The events and the molecules involved can be biomarkers of the presence of the disease, such is the case of mammoglobin over-expression in breast cancer. This type of cancer in women is the first cause of death by cancer in the world and in Colombia. Therefore, evaluating the impact of different levels of mammoglobin expression in breast tumors, could have a clinical application, if some relationship is established with the deregulation of miRNA expression, which has been shown to have great relevance in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of many types of cancer.
This project aims to establish whether different levels of mammoglobin expression in breast tumors have an impact on the deregulation of miRNA expression leading to the generation of a new tumor subclassification.
Formaldehyde fixed and paraffin-embedded samples from 40 patients will be used for RNA extraction and mammoglobin expression will be evaluated by qPCR and miRNA expression by the Ilumina platform. The results will be analyzed by statistical and bioinformatic tests.
We expect to obtain a list of genes encoding for deregulated miRNAs according to mammoglobin expression levels, which could contribute to a new subclassification of breast tumors
Effective start/end date9/1/219/30/23

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