Hearings and construction of truth and legitimacy of the JEP: a contribution to the reconciliation of Colombians?

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For the Special Peace Jurisdiction (JEP) to be able to fulfill its purpose, it depends on the support of particularly relevant publics (legitimacy), however, at present, it is perceived by important sectors of national opinion as unjust, as not credible and as not deserving of support (illegitimate). Thus, the purpose of this project is to investigate the multiple factors that explain the legitimacy deficit of the JEP, and the tasks that it and its supporters have carried out to broaden its legitimacy and to make it possible for it to contribute to coexistence among Colombians.
The conditions for the success of this project are provided by the agreement signed with the JEP to access privileged sources and by the accumulated experience and academic and research solvency of the external researchers who would be financed with the project: Gonzalo Sánchez was the director of the National Center of Historical Memory, Ivan Orozco was an advisor in the negotiations in Havana on Item 5 of the General Agenda and Juana Davila, postdoctoral intern of the project, is a PhD in anthropology from Harvard University and a researcher in justice.
It should be noted that the agreement signed with the JEP to carry out this project is articulated and promoted by another project led by the Rosario "Strengthening, analysis and evaluation of the participation of ex-combatants in the SIVJR" (funded by Colciencias-852-$455,111,398). The results of this project will be presented at a high impact international event, financed in part by Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen and the German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Governance.
Due to its purely academic character, international cooperation has twice refused to finance it. This cooperation is intended specifically for projects with legal impact.


Transitional justice, testimonies, confessions, legitimacy
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Effective start/end date5/18/218/18/22

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