Hacia la identificación del campo de los estudios organizacionales colombianos (EOL): una perspectiva latinoamericana (phase 1 of the research programme "Hacia la identificación del campo de los estudios organizacionales latinoamericanos - EOL").

  • Sanabria Rangel, Jose Mauricio (PI)
  • Saavedra-Mayorga, Juan Javier (CoI)
  • Gómez Villegas, Mauricio (CoI)
  • Malaver Rodríguez, Florentino (CoI)
  • Gonzales Miranda, Diego René (CoI)
  • Ramírez Martínez, Guillermo (CoI)
  • Mandiola Cotroneo, Marcela Paz (CoI)
  • Smida, Ali (CoI)

Project: Research/Creation Project

Project Details


The project seeks to contribute to the identification of the field of Colombian Organizational Studies (EOC), which, of course, are inscribed in that of Latin American Organizational Studies (EOL). This is sought by considering, in particular, six basic pillars: two of a meta-theoretical nature (the ongoing disciplinary process and epistemology), two of a rather practical nature (individual and organizational strategic leadership and managerial thinking) and two of a theoretical-practical nature (post-colonialism and Latin American regional identity).

Effective start/end date3/1/183/1/21


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