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Indigenous women in Colombia have historically been victims of sexual violence (SV) and gender-based violence (GBV) in a context marked by the armed conflict, post-conflict and currently the pandemic of COVID 19. The main objective is to implement the Intercultural School of Justice of indigenous women of the Caribbean, focused on the identification and documentation of cases of SV and GBV related to the armed conflict in a report of the 2 participating peoples (Arhuaco and Wiwa). A report will be prepared on these cases, which will be used before national and international institutions, constituting a key input for the selection of cases for the Strategic Litigation of VS and VBS. Simultaneously, the forms of spiritual litigation specific to women and their peoples will be strengthened, a training process will be developed in SR and GBV, ordinary and everyday violence, and prevention and denunciation routes will be established to strengthen women's sexual and reproductive rights, with the support of the men involved, facilitated by the precedent and lessons learned by the network of indigenous Guatemalan women of Sepur Zarco.


Sexual violence, interculturality and peace building
Short titleDe la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta a Sepur Zarco:
Effective start/end date1/26/2112/16/22

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