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The CRESCO seedbed was created in 2015. E 2018 the line of work on Health Research Methodology is created, whose objective is to train the members in research skills. The creation of this line of work has generated new learning and training spaces in line with the institutional model of learning to learn where students are the protagonists and managers of their own knowledge. The pedagogical model used is the Flipped Classroom (FC), where students generate research questions in public health or clinical research from their experiences in community and clinical practices and rotations, and then, with the experience of teachers, facilitates and enhances other processes of knowledge generation.

During the year 2018, quality products presented in events were generated; one local and one Latin American, achieving the collaboration of the thematic expert in palliative care of the Cochrane Collaboration, evidencing the importance of the presence in these spaces. In the last year, the number of students participating in the seedbed has increased, achieving acceptance and presentation of papers in two national academic events with four papers and an additional paper in the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium, an event of global relevance.


- To contribute to the research training process of the undergraduate students of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Universidad del Rosario.
- Provide information on the nature, extent and type of literature on health outcomes and exposure to child labor or maternal exposure to environmental contaminants.
- Disseminate the methods used to answer questions of interest in public health and clinical research, ensuring methodological rigor in their application
- To disseminate the results obtained in national and international academic events of greater influence in the field of evidence-based decision-making, such as those carried out by the Cochrane Collaboration at a global level.
- To publish the results in scientific journals of great diffusion in the Health Sciences
Effective start/end date5/4/205/4/21

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