Health Economics: Issues in Pharmaceutical Policy

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The area of pharma-economics in Colombia is very underdeveloped despite the good quality of data in the country. For this reason, it is essential to carry out an in-depth analysis of the possible contributions that can be made to international literature using local data. The vast majority of these data have not been used for economic research, so a great deal of work is needed to identify such opportunities. For this reason, it is necessary to have a dedicated research assistant.
exclusively to the subject of health data.


The resources will allow me to devote my research time to formulating questions and managing multiple research projects, without the wear and tear of direct database processing and literature search. This activity, an essential input for research, is highly man-hour intensive and being supplemented by a assistant frees up time to move faster on my schedule. Additionally, I hope to be able to train future professionals who will eventually enrich the area.
Effective start/end date3/18/196/30/21

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  • Competitive Funds


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