Development of a device for the measurement of the maximum static inspiratory and expiratory pressure

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Nowadays, there are different commercial equipments of analogical and digital type that measure in a reliable way the maximum inspiratory pressure (PIM) and maximum expiratory pressure (PEM); however, the availability in the national market of this device is scarce, since the processes of import and legalization limit the offer on the part of the commercial houses and make difficult their acquisition. On the other hand, the most known equipment delivers the values of inspiratory and expiratory pressure obtained in the maneuver, but it does not allow to show graphs with the pressure curves, nor does it generate reports and much less allows the extraction of information to be used as a tool in research and teaching. This proposal is the first phase of an initiative that aims to generate a device to measure the static pressure generated by the respiratory muscles in a maximum inspiratory or expiratory effort.
Effective start/end date1/12/211/11/22

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