Development, modernization and law in the Cold War. The Law and Development Movement in Latin America, 1965-1979

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The project in which this proposal is framed intends to study the U.S. initiatives framed in the movement called "Law and Development" for Latin America between 1965 and 1979, from a perspective that allows the integration of different scales of analysis (national, regional and transnational) and thus account for the complexity of U.S. development aid programs in the Latin American subcontinent during the Cold War. The empirical foundation of the project is provided by primary sources found in different archives in the United States, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. The main international archives include the Rockefeller Archive Center (Sleepy Hollow, NY); the National Archives (College Park, ML); the archive of the Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil-CPDOC (Rio de Janeiro) and the Archivo Central Andrés Bello of the University of Chile (Santiago de Chile). For the identification of relevant primary sources and their collection, it is indispensable to visit each of these archives in order to explore the existing documentation and determine its relevance to the project. On the other hand, as became evident after the work carried out in the archives of the Ford Foundation thanks to a Grant-In-Aid from the Rockefeller Archive Center in September-October 2016, the quantity and variety of documents makes necessary the collaboration of a young researcher in the review and classification of the sources and in the systematization of the information contained in them. Given that, on the one hand, the corresponding costs cannot be covered with funds derived from the basic financing of the research activities associated with the Work Plan and that, on the other hand, the possibility of executing the project depends on access to the primary sources that house such archives and the adequate collection and processing of them, the financing of these costs through the Seed Capital Fund constitutes the most appropriate alternative.


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