Construction of a database of prices and characteristics of housing in Colombia

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This research project uses computer tools to download and consolidate information on prices and characteristics of housing offered in the country's real estate markets, so that it can analyze the evolution of the main indicators of the sector. The most novel aspect of this proposal is that it uses instruments developed in recent years for the analysis of large volumes of information, since the traditional methodologies that have been used in the country have proven to be insufficient, or limited in scope. The extraction of price and characteristics information from homes using automated methods reduces the time taken to collect information, minimizes possible errors in measuring variables and reduces the risks associated with possible selection biases. The project will allow the Universidad del Rosario to make available to academics, researchers and government officials aggregated information on the main indicators obtained from the database built. The micro-data that will make up this database will form part of the statistical information used in the Faculty of Economics.
Effective start/end date3/6/178/31/18

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