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The book "Cinema, Bioethics and Professionalism" is part of the collection "Cinema in Teaching Bioethics", and is the product of the research project of the bioethics and bio-law research seedbed of the EMCS at the Universidad del Rosario, which belongs to the education research group.

The aim of this collection is to provide elements for health professionals, from bioethics to decision making in the different areas of professional practice health care, using health care as the guiding thread of learning to film. Each chapter is the result of joint research by students and research professors.

The first volume, Professionalism, is composed of chapters:

1. Ethics in Gotham City;
2. Patient medical relationship;
3. Professionalism and conflicts of interest;
4. Informed consent;
5. Professional secrecy;
6. Communication of bad news; and
7. Participation of children and adolescents in health decision-making processes.

Through the analysis of the most important aspects of the patient's medical relationship, we try to reflect on the concept of professionalism and the elements that constitute it.
Effective start/end date11/1/158/31/18


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