Business Environment: Analysis of factors, trends and relations with the environment

  • Olis Barreto, Irma Maria (PI)

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The company represents an open system that interacts with different types of resources from its environment, which represents all those factors and elements that can directly or indirectly influence various companies. The changes in the environment and the behavior of the company are processes that must be approached and understood from perspectives that allow identifying the ways in which companies interrelate and the actions that arise from this relationship, which is of interest to develop theoretical and practical studies in correlation with the conditions that allow companies to perform better according to their external or internal purposes.
The business environment (MAE) represents all those elements and factors that can directly or indirectly influence various companies, they are part of the immediate, of the components outside them, not controllable, but that affect them equally; and of the factors that influence, of the variables related to the success, crisis or failure in some companies. The MAE is studied from a systemic point of view, because it consists of interrelated elements, and open, because it is in continuous interaction with the outside.

The interaction between the company and its environment has been a subject of study and discussion in management, and has led to the formulation of proposals such as this project, which seeks to determine the factors, trends and relationships that influence or affect the environment of companies from general and specific environments. The study is developed through the identification of the characteristics and elements of the factors, trends and relationships, which allow describing each type of interaction at an external level, the description of recurrent behaviors, the analysis of these behaviors, to finally determine the practices of interactions demanding the environment of the companies. The study includes an exploratory phase to identify interactions, and a descriptive phase that seeks to describe important or demanding characteristics, traits or trends. It is expected, with this project, to determine the practices of recurrent interactions of the Business Environment (MAE).
Short titleBusiness Environment
Effective start/end date1/4/164/30/19

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