Attitudes of health care professionals toward palliative sedation.

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Palliative sedation is a medical procedure that may be provided at the end of a person's life for the purpose of contributing to a dignified death as part of a palliative care program. Although its purpose is not to hasten or cause the person's death, it is possible that as a result of the person's state of health or the side effects of some of the medications used during the procedure, the person may die. Among others, this outcome, often feared by human beings, has given rise to different attitudes towards palliative sedation on the part of different health professionals, which translate into favorability or unfavorability towards the procedure.  If attitudes are considered predictors of human behavior, knowing those related to palliative sedation is relevant to predict how health professionals will behave in a situation in which palliative sedation is considered as a therapeutic option. Even more so, when the sick people trust the opinions of their treating team and also act influenced by them.   An exploratory, cross-sectional study is proposed to explore the attitudes of health professionals working in different areas of two private institutions in the city of Bogota, in different units or services. A convenience sample of approximately 250 people will be obtained. Two self-applied instruments have been designed for this purpose, namely, an implicit cognition task and a questionnaire. Both can be administered online. 

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Si bien la sedación paliativa, entendida como la administración activa de procedimientos médicos que buscan disminuir de forma considerable y permanente el estado de conciencia de un paciente de manera que no tenga conciencia de sus síntomas mas severos



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Short title Actitudes hacia la sedación paliativa
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