Assessment of disease knowledge and health-related quality of life before and after the implementation of an in-hospital education programme for COPD patients

  • Vargas Pinilla, Olga Cecilia (PI)
  • Peña-Córdoba, Carolina (CoI)
  • Sandoval, Lucía (CoI)
  • Coronado, Diana Carolina (CoI)

Project: Research Project

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In the study on the use of metered-dose inhalers in the hospital setting in patients with COPD in Méderi, completed in 2012, it was concluded that 98% of patients do not perform an adequate inhalation technique. Related to this, the information given to patients on the specific use of these devices to control their illness was investigated and they state that the information is scarce, in general it is given by the doctor at the time of its formulation and reinforced by nurses and therapists. With these findings and taking into account what was previously stated, this research project seeks to establish the impact of an in-hospital education program on the quality of life related to health and the use of health services of patients with exacerbated COPD admitted to the Hospital Universitario Mayor - Méderi.
Short titleIntrahospital education in COPD
StatusNot started


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