A transnational study on "indigenous diplomacy" based on the Colombian and Bolivian cases: contributions to the design of an intercultural education instrument in international relations at the University of Rosario.

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This research project seeks to use the tools of Pierre Bourdieu's reflective sociology and the methodology of "collective biographies" proposed by Yves Dezalay and Bryanth Garth for a multidisciplinary study of International Relations in the context of the emergence of indigenous diplomacy in Latin America. These collective biographies are elaborated from three axes of analysis:
1- The national structuring of legal and political systems, and the international circulation of knowledge, professionals and experts
2- The types of recruitment of traditional political elites and the arrival of atypical social agents in the political and legal field (indigenous leaders).
3- The restructuring of the legal and political field (national and international) through the consolidation of an indigenous diplomacy in the region.
Our methodology consists of elaborating a collective biography of the protagonists that are part of the universe of indigenous diplomacy, without leaving aside the analysis of institutional or academic devices that contribute to constitute or remodel the institutions. On the contrary, it is a matter of inscribing this collective biography in a long-term analysis. The relevance of this methodology lies in highlighting the homologies that exist between the dispositions of social agents and the structures of the State in which the knowledge they produce is inscribed.
This methodology, which has already been worked on in the framework of our doctoral thesis on the social construction of the rights of indigenous peoples and the analysis of the Colombian case, is intended to be complemented with a permanent dialogue and co-production of the research with indigenous organizations (basically with the participation of ONIC) and more precisely with the participation of an associated indigenous researcher


Este proyecto pretende generar impactos e incidir en el uso de sus resultados en función de la solución de asuntos y problemas estratégicos, nacionales y globales como: la inserción de nuevos dirigentes indígenas en el escenario internacional en un contexto de globalización jurídica, económica y política que implica para los Pueblos Indígenas, enfrentar temas como la explotación de recursos naturales y la violación de sus derechos por parte de agentes económicos transnacionales.
Effective start/end date8/1/072/1/09

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