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Identification and characterization of Plasmodium vivax vaccine candidates

Patarroyo Gutierrez, M. A., Moreno-Perez, D. A., Baquero, L. A., López, C., Diaz, D. & Garzón-Ospina, D.


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Impulsive decision-making dynamics: a computational predictor of relapse during the treatment of opioid use disorder

Lopez Guzman, S., Konova, A. B., Rotrosen, J. & Glimcher, P. W.


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Effect of hypoxia on Biological Tumour Volume (BTV) and glucose uptake (2-NBDG) in breast and prostate cancer cell lines cocultivated with endothelial cells

Ondo Mendez, A. O., Garzon Fernandez, R. E., Plazas, M. C., Quintero-Mejía, P., Ortega-Recalde, O. J. & Agudelo-Ramirez, A. M.


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The Constitutional Court and international law

Abello-Galvis, R.


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Understanding regional genomic variation associated with risk and etiology of chronic aging diseases

Clay, O. K., McEwen Ochoa, J. G., Aristizábal, D., Parati, G., Ochoa, J. E., Bedoya, G. & Misas, E.


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Peritoneum: More than a tissue

Isaza-Restrepo, A., Martin-Saavedra, J. S., Vélez , J. L., Vargas-Barato, F. & Riveros Duenas, R. E.

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Cinema in the teaching of bioethics

Bernal Camargo, D. R., Gomez Cordoba, A. I., Pinto Bustamante, B. J. & López Rippe, K. G.


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Functional genomics of cardiovascular disease

Laissue Hormaza, P. & Fonseca Mendoza, D. J.


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Study of factors associated with the virulence of clinical isolates of the emerging multiresistant yeast Candida auris recovered in Colombia: in search of predictors of clinical evolution and markers of resistance.

Escandón, P., Weisner, M., Duarte, C., Gomez Giraldo, B. L., Morales, S. E., Rodríguez, J. Y., Barón, C., Chiller, T., Lockhart, S., Litvintseva, A., Contreras, D. & Alvarado, M.


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Research Seedbed in Biochemistry, Cancer and Radiobiology (SiBio)

Ondo Mendez, A. O. & Quintero-Mejía, P.


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Responsible Leadership

Esguerra Perez, G. A. & Pineros Espinosa, R. A.


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A study of pre-modern logics using modern formal tools

Andrade Lotero, E. J. & Becerra, E. S.


Project: Research project

international law observatory

Abello-Galvis, R.


Project: Research project

Usability Study

JUAN A., C. M.


Project: Research project

Child Labour in Mining

Briceño, L.


Project: Research project

Central auditory processing as a determinant of language skills in university student population

Morales Piedrahita, M.


Project: Research project

MMSS Injury Assessment Protocol

JUAN A., C. M.


Project: Research project

Identity and Economy Management in the Law of Culture in Colombia

Licona Calpe, W. M.


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Decentralization and Territorial Indebtedness

Maldonado Carrizosa, D.


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Jurisprudential follow-up in the area of Mechanisms for the Protection of Human Rights

Londono Toro, B. S.


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