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Humanitarian Logistics: A Supply Approach from Agri-Food Chains

Salazar Arrieta, F.


Project: Research project

DDHH/EM: Human Rights and Business

Varon Mejia, A.


Project: Research project

Human Rights in Colombia 2007-2011

Duque Soto, A. E.


Project: Research project

Identificar, conservar, restaurar y digitalizar los libros de las parroquias antiguas de Bogotá

Mayorga Garcia, F. H.


Project: Research project

Identification and characterization of Plasmodium vivax vaccine candidates

Patarroyo Gutierrez, M. A., Moreno-Perez, D. A., Baquero, L. A., López, C., Díaz Arevalo, D. & Garzón-Ospina, D.


Project: Research project

Identification and characterization of systemic risk in the Colombian financial sector

Castro Cuenca, C. G.


Project: Research project

Identification of Hemophilia A carriers through the use of STRs

Silva Aldana, C. T.


Project: Research project

Identification of Management Control requirements supported by SI

Ortega Hurtado, F. F.


Project: Research project

Identity and Economy Management in the Law of Culture in Colombia

Licona Calpe, W. M.


Project: Research project

Identity and Muslim minorities in Colombia

Garcia Florez, M. D. R.


Project: Research project

Immunoproteomic analysis of antigens recognized by human patients with cryptococcosis

Alber, G., Firacative, C., Gressler, E., Schulze, B. & Escandón, P.


Project: Research project

Equity LA II: Impact of alternative integration strategies on the performance of health service networks in different health systems in Latin America - EQUITY II

Mogollón-Pérez, A. S., Garcia Sanchez, L. V., Pinzon Rondon, A. M., Vázquez Navarrere, M. L., Vargas Lorenzo, I. M., Unger, J. P., Eguiguren, P., Bertolotto, F., Cisneros, A. M., Samico, I. & Rovere, M.


Project: Research project

Impact of ICT on organizations

Cardona Madariaga, D. F.


Project: Research project