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Evaluation of the principles and regulations that guide the evaluation of Clinical Trials sponsored by international entities in Research Ethics Committees in Colombia.

Bernal Camargo, D. R., Pinto Bustamante, B. J., Homedes, N., Ugalde, A., Escobar, J., Ovalle, C., Rodríguez, G., Duque, J. H., Granada, G. & Useche, B.


Project: Research project

Evaluation of therapeutic failure, treatment adherence and adverse effects on ocular toxoplasmosis

De la Torre Cifuentes, L. A., Faciolince, L., De Mesa, C. L., Rivera Valdivia, N., Villa, J., Gomez-Marin, J. E. & Muñoz, J.


Project: Research project

Evolution of Coffea (Rubiaceae) in Africa

Richardson, J. E.


Project: Research project

Evolving trends in terrorism in Colombia. The FARC 2010-2019

Torrijos Rivera, V.


Project: Research project

Executive Function in Down Syndrome

Talero Gutierrez, C., Velez van Meerbeke, A., Manrique-Niño, J. & Diaz-Forero, A.


Project: Research project

Exoma study of an Indian family with lipofuscinosis

Laissue Hormaza, P.


Project: Research project

Experimental Hypoxia and Learning

Del Riesgo Prendes, L.


Project: Research project

Eyewitness Memory Distortion Following Co-Witness Discussion: A Replication of Garry, French, Kinzett, and Mori (2008) in Ten Countries

Ito, H., Barzykowski, K., Grzesi, M., Gülgöz, S., Gürdere, C., Janssen, S., Khor, J., Rowthorn, H., Wade, K. A., Luna, K., Albuquerque, P. B., Kumar, D., Singh, A. D., Cecconello, W. W., Cadavid Espinha, S., Laird, N., Baldassari, M. J., Lindsay, D. S. & Mori, K.


Project: Research project

Facets and problems of the thought and work of Nicolás Gómez Dávila

Torregroza Lara, E. J., Mejía, J. F., Goenaga, F. H. & Molina, T.


Project: Research project

Factores, no clásicos, asociados al cáncer de mama

Pedraza Flechas, A. M., Ángela María, R., Pinzon Rondon, A. M., Perez-Gomez, B. & Pollan, M.


Project: Research project

Factors Affecting Academic Achievement in Medical Students.

Garzon Fernandez, R. E.


Project: Research project

Faculty of Medicine Peer Tutor Program

Isaza-Restrepo, A.

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Project: Research project

False memory across linguistic variants of Spanish

Cadavid Espinha, S., Beato, M. S. & Albuquerque, P. B.


Project: Research project