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False recognition within- and between- languages: A Spanish-English study

Beato, M. S., Albuquerque, P. B. & Cadavid Espinha, S.


Project: Research project

Economic evaluation of the use of paraquat

Arguello Cuervo, L. R.


Project: Consultancy project

Representation and self-representation of the FARC

Uribe, M. V. & urueña, J. F.


Project: Research project

Supply Chain Management and Competitiveness

Rivera, L. & Sheffi, Y.


Project: Research project

Tools to improve service delivery in psychoactive substance use

Bernal Camargo, D. R., Rey Sarmiento, C. F., González-Romero, M. & González-Haddad, G.


Project: Consultancy project

Rule of law and health

Ángela María, R. & Pinzon Rondon, A. M.


Project: Research project

ITEGI: Innovaciones para el Trabajo en Grupo e Interdisciplinar

Rodriguez Duenas, W. R. & Rios Rincon, A. M.


Project: Research project

HPV and cervical cancer

Ángela María, R.


Project: Research project

Zika virus epidemiology: from Uganda to world pandemic, an update

Talero Gutierrez, C., De la Torre Cifuentes, L. A., Rivera-Molina, A., Pérez-Pavajeau, C., Ossa-Ospina, I., Santos-García, C. & Rojas-Anaya, M. C.


Project: Research project

Music in the management of pain: A systematic review

Talero Gutierrez, C., Martin-Saavedra, J. S. & Velez van Meerbeke, A.


Project: Research project