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Epilepsy and ADHD

Velez van Meerbeke, A. & Talero Gutierrez, C.


Project: Research project

Effectiand Implementation of Legal and Pedagogical Tools to Restore Rights to Survivors of Chemical Aggressions

Londono Toro, B. S. & Villalobos, C.


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effects of mercury used in alluvial gold mining on health and the environment in the department of Chocó

Varona, M. E., Briceño, L., Díaz Criollo, S. M., Palma-Parra, R. M., Groot-Restrepo, H., Tirso Murillo, C. & Ayala, H.


Project: Research project

TCP: Trauma and contemporary psychoanalysis

Gutierrez Pelaez, M.


Project: Research project

Leadership for innovation

Contreras Torres, F. V. & Espinosa Mendez, J. C.


Project: Research project

Effects of pulsed therapeutic ultrasound on the treatment of people with osteoarthritis of the knee

Rodriguez Grande, E. I., Serrano, Y., Osma, J. L. & Ramirez, C.


Project: Research project

Oxytocin and Chronic Pain in Humans

Palacios Espinosa, X., Gómez-Carvajal, A., Botero Meneses, J. S. & Palacios Sanchez, L.


Project: Research project


Miguel Cruz, A., Rios Rincon, A. M. & Liu, L.


Project: Research project