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Evaluation of a molecular and immunological test for the diagnosis of histoplasmosis (Protocol 4250)

Gomez Giraldo, B. L., Clay, O. K., Cáceres, D. H., Chiller, T., Tobón, Á. M., Restrepo, A., López, L. F., Lindsley, M., Samayoa, B. & Arathoon, E.


Project: Research project

Genetic basis of altitudinal adaptation in butterflies

Jiggins, C. D., Montejo-Kovacevich, G., Salazar Clavijo, C. A., Pardo Diaz, G. C. & Linares Porto, M.


Project: Research project

Partial similarities in social research

Bosa, B. A.


Project: Research project

False recognition within- and between- languages: A Spanish-English study

Beato, M. S., Albuquerque, P. B. & Cadavid Espinha, S.


Project: Research project

Economic evaluation of the use of paraquat

Arguello Cuervo, L. R.


Project: Consultancy project

Representation and self-representation of the FARC

Uribe, M. V. & urueña, J. F.


Project: Research project

Supply Chain Management and Competitiveness

Rivera, L. & Sheffi, Y.


Project: Research project

Tools to improve service delivery in psychoactive substance use

Bernal Camargo, D. R., Rey Sarmiento, C. F., González-Romero, M. & González-Haddad, G.


Project: Consultancy project

Rule of law and health

Ángela María, R. & Pinzon Rondon, A. M.


Project: Research project