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Effect of oxidative stress on multi-drug resistance in glioblastoma cells

Pinzon Daza, M. L. & Garzon Fernandez, R. E.


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Metabolic and nervous system changes resulting from nutritional, cognitive and physical training interventions

Gonzalez Reyes, R. E., Vargas-Sánchez, K., Calderón, J. A. & Garay-Jaramillo, E.


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Study of factors associated with the virulence of clinical isolates of the emerging multiresistant yeast Candida auris recovered in Colombia: in search of predictors of clinical evolution and markers of resistance.

Escandón, P., Weisner, M., Duarte, C., Gomez Giraldo, B. L., Morales, S. E., Rodríguez, J. Y., Barón, C., Chiller, T., Lockhart, S., Litvintseva, A., Contreras, D. & Alvarado, M.


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Rule of Law and Public Health

Ángela María, R. & Pinzon Rondon, A. M.


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Genomic correlates of virulence and morphological phase transitions in pathogenic Onygenales fungi

Clay, O. K., Gomez Giraldo, B. L., McEwen Ochoa, J. G., Misas, E., Muñoz, J. F., Cuomo, C. A. & Gómez, Ó.


Project: Research project

Responsible Leadership

Esguerra Perez, G. A. & Pineros Espinosa, R. A.


Project: Research project

Use of metered dose inhalers in the hospital setting

Vargas Pinilla, O. C., Martinez Santa, J., Peña-Córdoba, C., Ibañez-Pinilla, M. & Santamaria, M.


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Health and Violence

Pinzon Rondon, A. M. & Ángela María, R.


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Immunoproteomic analysis of antigens recognized by human patients with cryptococcosis

Alber, G., Firacative, C., Gressler, E., Schulze, B. & Escandón, P.


Project: Research project

Multidrug Resistance in Human Tumors and relationship with hypoxia.

Pinzon Daza, M. L., Garzon Fernandez, R. E. & Riganti, C.


Project: Research project

Role of the JAK/STAT pathway in the response of cervical cancer cells to hypoxic stress.

Garzon Fernandez, R. E.


Project: Research project

Political Philosophy in Colombia

Torregroza Lara, E. J. & Serrano López, F. G.


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A study of pre-modern logics using modern formal tools

Andrade Lotero, E. J. & Becerra, E. S.


Project: Research project

The Constitutional Court and international law

Abello-Galvis, R.


Project: Research project

Asfixia perinatal y proteína S100B

Del Riesgo Prendes, L., Vélez , J. L., Bermúdez , P. A., Vidal, M. A., Chaparro, H. M., Tristancho, A., Botero, C. S., Mantilla, F., Asprilla, L. & Piñeros, A. M.


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A glucosylceramide from Lomentospora prolificans induces a differential production of cytokines and increases the microbicide ability of macrophages

Xisto, M., dos Santos Dias, L., Pelleschi Taborda, C., Barreto-Bergter, E. & Munoz Henao, J. E.


Project: Research project

Impulsive decision-making dynamics: a computational predictor of relapse during the treatment of opioid use disorder

Lopez Guzman, S., Konova, A. B., Rotrosen, J. & Glimcher, P. W.


Project: Research project

Individual preference for uncertainty and opioid use vulnerability during treatment

Konova, A. B., Lopez Guzman, S., Rotrosen, J. & Glimcher, P. W.


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