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Eyewitness Memory Distortion Following Co-Witness Discussion: A Replication of Garry, French, Kinzett, and Mori (2008) in Ten Countries

Ito, H., Barzykowski, K., Grzesi, M., Gülgöz, S., Gürdere, C., Janssen, S., Khor, J., Rowthorn, H., Wade, K. A., Luna, K., Albuquerque, P. B., Kumar, D., Singh, A. D., Cecconello, W. W., Cadavid Espinha, S., Laird, N., Baldassari, M. J., Lindsay, D. S. & Mori, K.


Project: Research project

Public sphere and citizen participation: an approach to the construction of interaction in the main Colombian cyber media

Barredo Ibanez, D., Palomo, B., Díaz, E., De la Garza, D. & García, J. C.


Project: Research project

Mathematical reality of the community as a valued tool.

Mendez Romero, R. A. & Suárez, D.


Project: Research project

SiBio Research Seed Project: Cancer and Perinatal Radiobiology and Hypoxia

Del Riesgo Prendes, L., Ondo Mendez, A. O., Rojas Carabalí, W. A., Ruiz Botero, M. E., Cepeda-Forero, K. & Cruz-Cuevas, J.


Project: Research project

Evaluation of therapeutic failure, treatment adherence and adverse effects on ocular toxoplasmosis

De la Torre Cifuentes, L. A., Faciolince, L., De Mesa, C. L., Rivera Valdivia, N., Villa, J., Gomez-Marin, J. E. & Muñoz, J.


Project: Research project

Uncomfortable" knowledge: thinking about international relations from the margins

Tickner, A. B., Querejazu, A., Oviedo, M. & Sedano, D.


Project: Research project

Cinema and Psychodelia

Velasquez Torres, A.


Project: Research project

Characterization of lacrimal function tests in a healthy pediatric population of Bogotá Colombia

De la Torre Cifuentes, L. A., Rojas Carabalí, W. A., Ruiz Botero, M. E., Torres, N., Rodríguez, A., Muñoz, J., Carvajal, N., Marin , M. A., Arteaga, J., Barraquer, C., Mosos, C. & Ruíz, M. E.


Project: Research project

Demystifying the Mozart effect: facts beyond the controversy

Talero Gutierrez, C. & Saade-Lemus, S.


Project: Research project

Calculating the "UAF" for dispersed areas of Bogotá

Arguello Cuervo, L. R., González B., J. I., Orjuela L., R. E. & Gallego, J. M.


Project: Consultancy project


Mendez Romero, R. A. & Lopera Moreno, J.


Project: Research project

Movies and Memory Disorders

Palacios Sanchez, L.


Project: Research project

Functional validation of WntA as a wing pattern gene in Heliconius

McMillan, W. O., Concha, C. & Pardo Diaz, G. C.


Project: Research project

Self-assessment of knowledge in basic wheelchair provision of senior students of the Faculty of Physiotherapy" CES/UR

Torres Narvaez, M. R., Velasco Forero, S. E., Toro Hernandez, M. L., Mondragon Barrera, M. A. & Goldberg, M.


Project: Research project

The insurance value of investing in restoration of Long Leaf pine forests in South Eastern US

Green ?, T. L., Escobedo, F. J. & Soto, J. R.


Project: Research project