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Partial similarities in social research

Bosa, B. A.


Project: Research project

Evaluation of a molecular and immunological test for the diagnosis of histoplasmosis (Protocol 4250)

Gomez Giraldo, B. L., Clay, O. K., Cáceres, D. H., Chiller, T., Tobón, Á. M., Restrepo, A., López, L. F., Lindsley, M., Samayoa, B. & Arathoon, E.


Project: Research project


Miguel Cruz, A., Rios Rincon, A. M. & Liu, L.


Project: Research project

Oxytocin and Chronic Pain in Humans

Palacios Espinosa, X., Gómez-Carvajal, A., Botero Meneses, J. S. & Palacios Sanchez, L.


Project: Research project

Effects of pulsed therapeutic ultrasound on the treatment of people with osteoarthritis of the knee

Rodriguez Grande, E. I., Serrano, Y., Osma, J. L. & Ramirez, C.


Project: Research project

Leadership for innovation

Contreras Torres, F. V. & Espinosa Mendez, J. C.


Project: Research project

TCP: Trauma and contemporary psychoanalysis

Gutierrez Pelaez, M.


Project: Research project

effects of mercury used in alluvial gold mining on health and the environment in the department of Chocó

Varona, M. E., Briceño, L., Díaz Criollo, S. M., Palma-Parra, R. M., Groot-Restrepo, H., Tirso Murillo, C. & Ayala, H.


Project: Research project

Effectiand Implementation of Legal and Pedagogical Tools to Restore Rights to Survivors of Chemical Aggressions

Londono Toro, B. S. & Villalobos, C.


Project: Research project

Epilepsy and ADHD

Velez van Meerbeke, A. & Talero Gutierrez, C.


Project: Research project