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Adiabatic Compression/Expansion of a single particle gas

Alvarez Cabrera, C. E., Téllez, G. & Afanador, N.


Project: Research project

Parasitic uveitis in pediatric population in Colombia

De la Torre Cifuentes, L. A. & Muñoz-Ortiz, J.


Project: Research project

Mapping Urban Transport in Cartagena, Colombia

Vergel Tovar, C. E., Villegas, M., Peñas , M. C. & Toro, D.


Project: Research project

Democratic inclusion through the courts

Pena Huertas, R. D. P., Parada Hernández, M. M. & Uribe Larrota, L. F.


Project: Research project

Research Seedbed in Biochemistry, Cancer and Radiobiology (SiBio)

Ondo Mendez, A. O. & Quintero-Mejía, P.


Project: Research project

Construction of litigation map of capital cities

Prada Uribe, M. A.


Project: Consultancy project

Executive Function in Down Syndrome

Talero Gutierrez, C., Velez van Meerbeke, A., Manrique-Niño, J. & Diaz-Forero, A.


Project: Research project

Transport Oriented Urban Development Strategy DOT, Pereira.

Vergel Tovar, C. E., Correa, O. & Silva, M.


Project: Consultancy project

CATAPULT - OCMI "Información Minera Satelital".

Guiza Suarez, L.


Project: Research project

The visual pyramid: evolution of a conceptual instrument (closing and epilogue)

Cardona Suarez, C. A., Gutiérrez, J. & Restrepo, S.


Project: Research project

The Breast Size Satisfacition Survey (BSSS) - Background Information and Instructions for Collaborators

Javela Delgado, L. G., Swami, V., Barron, D., Cruz-Vásquez, J. E., Zambrano, D. & Vargas, J. C.


Project: Research project

Division of cognitive labor and collective behavior

Andrade Lotero, E. J., Goldstone, R., Velasco García, J. A. & Ortiz, J.


Project: Research project


Psychophysiological measures of clinical states and valuation in decision-making in patients with opioid use disorder

Lopez Guzman, S., Konova, A. B., Rotrosen, J. & Glimcher, P. W.


Project: Research project

Immunoproteomic analysis of antigens recognized by human patients with cryptococcosis

Alber, G., Firacative, C., Gressler, E., Schulze, B. & Escandón, P.


Project: Research project

Education and entrepreneurship for peace

Peralta Gonzalez, L. C. & Torres Alvarado, L.


Project: Research project

Hacia la identificación del campo de los estudios organizacionales colombianos (EOL): una perspectiva latinoamericana (phase 1 of the research programme "Hacia la identificación del campo de los estudios organizacionales latinoamericanos - EOL").

Sanabria Rangel, J. M., Saavedra-Mayorga, J. J., Gómez Villegas, M., Malaver Rodríguez, F., Gonzales Miranda, D. R., Ramírez Martínez, G., Mandiola Cotroneo, M. P. & Smida, A.


Project: Research project

Individual preference for uncertainty and opioid use vulnerability during treatment

Konova, A. B., Lopez Guzman, S., Rotrosen, J. & Glimcher, P. W.


Project: Research project