Universidad del Rosario

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Projects 1980 2025


False memory across linguistic variants of Spanish

Cadavid Espinha, S., Beato, M. S. & Albuquerque, P. B.


Project: Research project

Study of factors associated with the virulence of clinical isolates of the emerging multiresistant yeast Candida auris recovered in Colombia: in search of predictors of clinical evolution and markers of resistance.

Escandón, P., Weisner, M., Duarte, C., Gomez Giraldo, B. L., Morales, S. E., Rodríguez, J. Y., Barón, C., Chiller, T., Lockhart, S., Litvintseva, A., Contreras, D. & Alvarado, M.


Project: Research project

Determination of the antimicrobial activity of peptides analogous to human cathellicide LL37 in Candida albicans

Pinilla, G., Muñoz, L., Navarrete, J., Munoz Henao, J. E. & Parra-Giraldo, C. M.


Project: Research project

"Be reminded-to reject": A specific recall-to-reject strategy in DRM paradigm?

Cadavid Espinha, S., Beato, M. S. & Albuquerque, P. B.


Project: Research project

Functional validation of WntA as a wing pattern gene in Heliconius

McMillan, W. O., Concha, C. & Pardo Diaz, G. C.


Project: Research project

Public sphere and citizen participation: an approach to the construction of interaction in the main Colombian cyber media

Barredo Ibanez, D., Palomo, B., Díaz, E., De la Garza, D. & García, J. C.


Project: Research project

Evaluation of a molecular and immunological test for the diagnosis of histoplasmosis (Protocol 4250)

Gomez Giraldo, B. L., Clay, O. K., Cáceres, D. H., Chiller, T., Tobón, Á. M., Restrepo, Á., López, L. F., Lindsley, M., Samayoa, B. & Arathoon, E.


Project: Research project

Genetic basis of altitudinal adaptation in butterflies

Jiggins, C. D., Montejo-Kovacevich, G., Salazar Clavijo, C. A., Pardo Diaz, G. C. & Linares Porto, M.


Project: Research project

Partial similarities in social research

Bosa, B. A.


Project: Research project

False recognition within- and between- languages: A Spanish-English study

Beato, M. S., Albuquerque, P. B. & Cadavid Espinha, S.


Project: Research project

International Criminal Law

Olásolo, H. & Mateus-Rugeles, A.


Project: Research project

Political Philosophy in Colombia

Torregroza Lara, E. J. & Serrano López, F. G.


Project: Research project

Frontier Infrastructures

Uribe Martinez, S.


Project: Research project

Diversification rates in Berberis

Richardson, J. E. & Lavandero, N.


Project: Research project